I’m forever blowing bubbles…

I didn’t do very well at sticking to Book Review Sunday so instead I am introducing Weekly Roundup At Some Point Over The Weekend or something. I’ll have to think of a more snappy title by the end of this post, won’t I?

Anyway, I used to really enjoy writing about the various things that I’d got up to during the week and lots of you seemed to like reading about it for whatever reason so I am BRINGING IT BACK. I know, I’m so good to you.

Anyway, the lovely photo montage above shows you some of what I’ve been up to this week besides seeing the family team West Ham getting back into the Premier League. I’m ECSTATIC about this and am determined to get to Upton Park for a match next season. I mean it! My family have been Hammers fans since way back when – in fact, when my great grandmother died, the team sent a wreath to her funeral.

Anyway, what are all those pictures, I hear you cry. Well, I’ll tell you now from the top left to bottom right.

1. My spanky new ‘peacock glitter’ star hairband from Janine Basil. I’m in love with it and can’t wait to wear it to the pub in Whitechapel with my friends next weekend!

2. I couldn’t resist this acrylic ‘GOTH’ necklace. I know that I keep saying that I’m not a goth but as all members of Goth Club know, the first rule of Goth Club is ‘DENIAL’. We don’t like to talk about the second rule…

3. My current reading – my old copy of The Winter Queen by Carola Oman. This is essential reading for all fans of the Palatine family.

4. My hair at the moment. It needs re-doing.

5. My new Doctor Martens Darcie boots. I haven’t bought myself a pair of Docs since my teens when I used to get them for a tenner a pair from a shop in Colchester so this was a bit exciting! I’m in LOVE.

6. The Seven Year Old at Krispy Kreme. He looks pretty happy!

7. My new Irregular Choice shoes. How pretty?!

8. I am struggling with a bit of an addiction to Illamasqua make up at the moment. This week’s booty was bright pinky red lipsticks in Salacious and Drench as well as an Android pigment. I also succumbed to NARS Strada eyeshadow and Funny Face lipstick.

9. Not so saucy Jack. I finally transformed our spare room into my office and this picture takes pride of place along with a map of Whitechapel in 1890s and a LOT of books and pretty whimsy.

10. More pictures from my office – a print of Marie Antoinette and a photograph of me taken in Whitby many years ago. Yes, that’s me. Look how long my hair was!

11. My beloved Thali Cafe tiffin! My grandfather bought me this for my last birthday and it’s one of my most prized possessions – basically I send my husband out to the local Thali Cafe branch with this and they fill it up with different curries and enough rice for two for about £8. I think it’s ace and pity anyone who doesn’t have one.

12. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows came out this week. Hurray! My husband bought me the blu-ray as he knows I love watching film commentaries. I used to feel embarrassed about that but lots of people do, don’t they?

I’ve spent the week writing like a demon, which is fun for no one as it makes me grumpy. I’m on an extended and possibly permanent sabbatical from my day job while I finish this book and it’s taking some getting used to.

I’ve been reading a fair amount too – as well as Bring up the Bodies, I also read Dracula in Love by Karen Essex last week, which was really good and really spun the whole Dracula story around on its head leaving the reader initially uncertain about who the villains and heroes of the piece actually are. It’s very goth and dark and sensual although I think I did it a mild disservice by reading it when the weather was sunny – it’s really a book to be savoured on rainy windswept autumn and winter nights.

I also completely adored this guest post on the awesome Bad Reputation blog, where the writer decided which five women from history she would rescue and bring to the modern day if she had a time machine to whisk them away in. I loved this idea SO MUCH.

You should all check Bad Rep out anyway to be honest. It’s funny as I have been secretly reading and admiring it for ages and ages but dared not say anything as the editor used to go out with one of my ex boyfriends and I was under the impression that she hated my guts. However! This turned out to be a pack of nonsense and we are BLOCK CAPITAL, THOMAS CROMWELL AND GLITTER LOVING BUDDIES now and EVERYTHING. Oh yes.

I think that it’s all I have to say about this week to be honest so I will leave you with what appears to be the week’s most played song on my iTunes account and scamper off to weep over this chapter.

I know I’ve posted Before I’m Dead by Kidney Thieves before but I love it so you’ll have to put up with it again. I also love this peculiar fan made video. It works quite well, doesn’t it? There’s not enough Stuart Townsend as Lestat though for my taste. Is there EVER though?

I didn’t manage to think of a good title so I’m just going to go with my current ear worm. COME ON YOU HAMMERS.