Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

Ten books to see you through the Downton withdrawal…

Another series of Downton Abbey has drawn to a close and I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit bereft right now. It’s taken me three series to fully get into this show and I am a bit miffed that it’s coming to an end just as the weather is beginning to turn truly wintry as it makes perfect snuggling under a blanket on a Sunday evening viewing. I’m not going to ruin the series for my readers outside the UK, but suffice to say that I’ve wept buckets over this one. How about you? Anyway, if you’re suffering from Downton […]

Keeping your characters under control – a guest post by Delilah des Anges

Polly Mazlowsczy attacks Nancy Oakes, by B.L. Becotte. A scene from one of Delilah’s novels. “Write me something about writing,” Melanie said, about six months ago. “I will when I’ve thought of something,” said I. Bearing in mind how slowly my brain apparently works, it’s probably not a good idea to take this too seriously: realism and its effects on narrative. One of my favourite adventure books and all-round exciting romp Glass Books of the Dream Eaters was written, according to author G W Dahlquist, by “writing the characters into a hole and letting them get themselves out of it”. […]