Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

The From Hell Companion

It’s probably no surprise AT ALL to regular readers of this blog to learn that Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s masterpiece From Hell is one of my favourite books (if not THE favourite book) and also spawned one of my favourite films. Okay, the film version of From Hell has its (many many) faults but I love it anyway. Anyway, you can my sheer and unadulterated JOY when I found out that the team behind From Hell had brought out a new companion book, snappily entitled The From Hell Companion to go with it, which probes even further into the […]

Guest Post – Goldcord Asylum

Hello there campers! I am having a day off today as I’m hosting a guest piece by upcoming authoress of doom and GIN fuelled misery, Jude Starling whose new book Goldcord Asylum came out this week and is BRILLIANT. I’d DEFINITELY recommend this one to anyone fascinated by Victorian asylums. An unfortunate looking patient in a reinforced strong dress. You know that scene in the Coppola adaptation of Dracula in which we see inside Jack Seward’s 1890s ‘lunatic asylum’ and the patients are being hosed and beaten with sticks by attendants who appear to be wearing hamster cages on their […]