Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

Laura Ashley at Bath Fashion Museum

All photos: Melanie Clegg. Yesterday I battled through the sweltering heat to make my way to Bath Fashion Museum to take a look at their brand new exhibition about Laura Ashley. Like a lot of British women, I grew up with Laura Ashley – first seeing the women of my family wafting about in one of her full length frocks (I think my mother was actually married in one) then progressing to wearing one myself. Although to a lot of people, Laura Ashley is associated with debs and middle class housewives with a bohemian bent in the 1970s, it was […]

My Week

I lived on lentil curry all week and lost 3lbs which is a total 10lb loss in the last four weeks – yay. My excellent and very me new necklace from Janine Basil. I decided it was time to re-pink my hair as the last dye had mostly faded away. My super cute kitten Tyrion. Gosh, I’ve been busy and kind of neglectful of this blog too – sorry! It’s too hot here, you see. It makes me not want to do ANYTHING but lie in the garden and cry while reading through the stack of chick lit novels I […]