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The Mystery of Princess Louise – book review

Princess Louise, Graefle, 1864. Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014 I often feel like Queen Victoria’s rather copious family is treated in much the same way as Henry VIII’s six wives – certainly I felt equal pride at being able to name them all in order at the age of seven, but also they have in many respects been reduced to a list of bland little cyphers that fails to encompass their true complexity: the clever one, the heir, the outspoken one, the pampered youngest, the artistic one and so on… Although pretty, clever Vicky, Princess […]

Princess Mary Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk

Mary Tudor, Queen of France, unknown artist. Photo: Musée Carnavalet, Paris. The thing about princesses is that they are rarely even nearly so beautiful as Disney and popular imagination would lead one to believe. It’s funny isn’t it? You hear the word ‘princess’ and the image of a sweetly, winsomely smiling, probably blonde vision of loveliness pops into your mind. I’ve just about trained myself out of this assumption but it some traces of it linger on, despite the fact that I know full well that thanks to centuries of in-breeding, princesses are actually more likely than not to be […]