Sherlock Holmes, October 2014


Exciting news for all fans of Sherlock Holmes and come on, let’s face it, who ISN’T a fan?! Oh, shush, you at the back. Anyway, the much anticipated Museum of London exhibition about our favourite super sleuth is kicking off on the 17th of October and running until the 12th of April 2015 and I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see it.


‘This year the Museum of London welcomes an exciting new exhibition, delving into the mind of the world’s most famous fictional detective; Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

Asking searching questions such as who is Sherlock Holmes, and why does he still conjure up such enduring fascination, this major exhibition – London’s first on the detective since 1951 – will explore how Sherlock Holmes has transcended literature onto stage and screen and continues to attract huge audiences to this day.

Going beyond film and fiction, visitors to the museum will be transported to the real Victorian London – the backdrop for many of Conan Doyle’s stories. Through early film, photography, paintings and original artefacts, the exhibition will recreate the atmosphere of Sherlock’s London, with visitors able to envisage the places that the detective visited and imagine they are standing on the pavement of the Strand watching the horse drawn traffic pass by.’


I am SO excited about this, you wouldn’t believe. I would have been happy with pretty much ANYTHING Holmes related but this sounds completely over the top AMAZING. I mean, apparently they’re going to have Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock coat and dressing gown there! However, sadly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the press view to take lots of lovely photos as I’ll probably be in Berlin taking lots of lovely photos of German stuff and celebrating my birthday instead. Much woe. I promise I’ll get there as soon as I can though.

Anyway, who is your favourite Holmes? Purists may weep but I adore Robert Downey Jnr in the role. How about you?

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6 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes, October 2014

  • Renee

    Cumberbatch is good, but Jeremy Brett remains The One True Holmes for me — and Edward Hardwicke is hands down the best Watson. Martin Freeman is a close second for the good doctor, though I would note that Freeman’s interpretation clearly owes a lot to Hardwicke.

    • Bea

      Oh, I’m in support of Renee.

      Jeremy Brett was the first actor I ever fancied, and his Holmes is the reason. The sheer cerebral…oh. How I wept when he passed.

  • Sandy Rainey

    I loved the old Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil Rathbone I watched on TV as a child. I also love Robert Downey Jr as Holmes because I love him (Downey) as an actor. Anyway, I have read many of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and I wish I could get to London to see the exhibition — what a treat that would be!!!

  • Lady Tudor

    I just know Cumberbatch and Downey as Sherlock, but both are in their special ways great Sherlocks – I coudn´t say who´s better!

  • Rowan

    There was exhibit in the US a few months ago done in conjunction with the Doyle Estate. There were a lot of details with regard to the influences on Doyle from his life which contributed to his characterisation of Holmes. On exhibit were items from movies, television, and from his lifetime.

    I thoroughly enjoyed solving the mystery which is presented after teaching how to recognise anomalies and other forensic science. The exhibit took approximately an hour and a half to completely absorb. It was wonderful.

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