Happy new year!

Bonjour! I’ve been hard at work on my novel about Henrietta Stuart so may have been a bit quiet lately – sorry about that! I’ve also been gorging like a GLUTTON on Agatha Raisin murder mysteries. I keep promising myself that THIS one will be the last but then find myself reading the next one and on and on it goes. The one I am reading now will be the last though.* Definitely. I have a Kindle full of books to read now so ought to diversify a bit! Anyway, because it seems to be de rigueur to do this […]

Paris, August 1792 – London, August 2011

“Late that night, Clementine watched in horror from her own sitting room windows that overlooked the Place Louis le Grand as a large jeering mob cheered on a ragged culotte wearing young man who shimmied swiftly up the statue of Louis XIV seated on a rearing stallion that had stood in the middle of the square for just over a century and tied the ends of several nooses around the king’s bronze head and that of his horse. Once he was safely down again, they pulled on the rope has hard as they could until the statue began to topple, […]

Snapshots from my life

We’ve only just got round to uploading the contents of my old phone camera folder after my rather nice husband got me a lovely new iPhone 4 for Christmas and I thought I’d share some pictures with you all as I often feel like I write and write and write but you don’t know me at all! The picture above is of the Circus in Bath, which is a very stately round square indeed. Um, a round square? You know what I mean – it’d be a Square if it was square but it isn’t, it’s more of a circle, […]

Happy new year, darlings!

  Sorry for being a bit quiet lately but I have had flu! Not the man flu sort either, but the proper enfeebling ghastly sort that involves hideous aches and pains, bursting into tears at the slightest thing, headaches and lying around in bed like a cranky Georgian dowager. It’s been vile. Anyway, Christmas was quiet as a result of all this woe and iniquity, but I did get some really good presents like a bottle of gorgeous Clarins Eau des Jardins, which is kind of all citrusy and rosy at the same time. I also got an iPhone 4 […]

Camp Bestival 2011

We were at Camp Bestival this time last week – wish we were still there! Anyway, over excited by the prospect of more Camp Bestival fun, I was up early yesterday morning to buy our early bird tickets for next year’s shindig at Lulworth Castle. It was a bit tense actually as there were reportedly only 500 early bird tickets available at 2010 prices but I am delighted to report that we have our’s now and will be there with bells and flowers on! I’ve been hanging out on the Camp Bestival forum again and have already put in jokey […]