all manner of doom

May 2014

I should have posted this ages ago but it’s better late than never, I suppose! Although this blog will still retain its emphasis on women’s history, I also really enjoy sharing more about my actual real life here too so am going to post a bit more about that in future. Anyway, May was a bit of a blinder of a month so I thought I’d kick off with some choice highlights via the wonders of Instagram and my gin fuddled memories. Let’s go! May kicked off with the completely amazing Georgian sleepover at Hampton Court Palace, which I enjoyed […]

From Whitechapel GIN necklace giveaway!

Morning world. Well, the launch week of From Whitechapel is drawing to a close now and I have to say that I am so staggered and touched by the kind reception that it received. You’re all brilliant and I really hope that those of you who bought copies have enjoyed reading it. To say thank you for being so marvellous and to celebrate From Whitechapel‘s publication, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway to mark the occasion. As you probably all know, I am a MASSIVE FAN of Bete Noire’s beautiful jewellery and as the book involves […]

Ripper Street returns

I’ve been bouncing up and down with excitement about this all day but the second series of Ripper Street starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One. Loads of people didn’t seem to realise that it was about to kick off again so I thought I should probably do a blog post to spread the word as I’d hate for my fellow Ripper Street fans to miss out! Yes, the time to ship mutton chopped men, fall in love with Captain Homer Jackson and gaze adoringly at Detective Sergeant Reid is upon us again AT LAST and I can’t bloody wait. […]

This week…

From Whitechapel and the ever lovely Diggory Cat. I’m not feeling too great right now so I’m posting this from the comfort of my bed, where I am currently covered in cats and books about Jack the Ripper as I work on From Whitechapel. It’s going well at the moment – I’ve written almost 78,000 words now and just cleared a writer’s block hurdle which held progress up for a few days. It’s been a fairly quiet week to be honest, mostly involving writing, reading and watching a LOT of Miss Marple. Oops. I don’t really enjoy the summer holidays […]

Writing Update – 17/6/13

The women of Whitechapel arming themselves against the Ripper. Nice work ladies. Photo: The Museum of London. Yes, it’s that time of the week when I ramble on about how the Ripper Book is doing. Seriously everyone, this weekly update is probably the only thing keeping me on the straight and narrow when it comes to writing this book. This and the prospect of a celebratory weekend on the lash in Spitalfields once it’s done and dusted. Ripper Book Progress, week ending 16th June 2013: Current word count – 53,630/90,000. Body count – 4/8. Most overused word – ‘Whitechapel’. Favourite […]

Portrait of the week – Betty Lindley

Betty Lindley, Bassano Studio, 1914, National Portrait Gallery. Crappy camera phone photo: Melanie Clegg I bought this print from the National Portrait Gallery a few weeks ago and it’s been living on the dresser in my dining room ever since. Isn’t she ace? Apparently the photograph is of an actress called Betty Lindley, but I don’t actually know anything more about her than this, which is fine as I think the image speaks volumes about the sort of lady she was. In other words she was clearly my sort of gal. Betty Lindley, Bassano Studio, 1914, National Portrait Gallery. Crappy […]