Berlin Part Three

Although we’d heard that Sunday brunch is a traditional part of Berliner culture, we decided instead to head out to Friedrichshain for a much anticipated vegan kebab at Vöner. I’d been looking forward to this absolute treat for MONTHS so you can imagine how excited I was as we hopped on to the tram and headed off. I’m glad to say that it absolutely did NOT disappoint – Vöner is amazing as they have an actual proper vegan kebab spit thing and they carve the meat off just like a ‘real’ kebab. Just thinking about it now is making me […]

Windsor Castle

When I posted the other day about my forthcoming fortieth birthday (eek!), many of you expressed astonishment that I had ‘visit Windsor Castle’ on my Things To Do Before I Turn Forty List. Which is fair enough – after all, I am a history blogger and have been resident in the UK for my entire life so far so how come I’ve never managed to visit? The thing is that I HAD actually been to Windsor Castle before. Well, sort of. I spent a lovely afternoon in the private bit of the estate, near Frogmore House, there a couple of […]

Salisbury Cathedral

Buoyed up by our amazingly successful visit to Wells, I decided to persuade my husband that we really ought to attempt a trip to Salisbury to take a look at THEIR cathedral the next day. Which would have been fine, except my husband’s enthusiasm for old things in general and cathedrals in particular is MUCH less than mine so this day out didn’t go quite so well as the previous day’s adventure. However! Thanks to Salisbury Cathedral being as amazingly photogenic as its sister in Wells, I still managed to come away with some really great, even if I do […]

Wells Cathedral

I don’t usually post very much about Medieval history here but due to getting really into the research for my sixteenth century novel (which has led me WAY back into the fascinating and often surprising French family tree of Mary Queen of Scots) and also FINALLY reading Helen Castor’s superb and completely gripping She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth, which is just so brilliant that I can’t BELIEVE that it’s taken me so long to read it, I have been on a little bit of a Medieval kick lately and what better way to indulge this than with […]

A Visit to Tyntesfield

(‘TAKE A PHOTO OF ME IN THE JACK THE RIPPER HAT!’ I yelled at my poor husband, snatching the said hat off The Eight Year Old’s head as other parents stared at us in aghast horror and silently ushered their own children away.) It was a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so we made the absolute most of it with a visit to the SS Great Britain and M Shed on the Harbourside in Bristol on Saturday, an epic walk around Leigh Woods (a huge and very well looked after forest belonging to the National Trust which is […]

Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey. All photos: Melanie Clegg. The sun is finally starting to come out in the south west so we decided to make the most of it by heading to nearby Lacock Abbey for a day of historical treats which had the additional bonus of giving me a bit of time off from the gloom and gore of 1888 Whitechapel. It also happened to be the National Trust’s regular ‘free weekend’ so that was great timing! I know that we really ought to still be members of the good old National Trust but we’ve run out of places to visit […]