CSI: Georgian Gown

I’m up to my EARS in writing and editing right now (as well as sneaky breaks to read the latest Agatha Raisin novel!) so haven’t had enough spare time to write some new blog posts. I know, I know. I suck and am rubbish. HOWEVER, instead, I thought I’d share a golden oldie with you today to make up for the general lack of posts lately! I was lucky enough to spend a few hours in the vast collections (I think they said they have 80,000 pieces in their archives) of the Fashion Museum in Bath last Spring. It almost […]

The silver tissue dress

Ah, Friday. Let’s look at something beautiful and very, very special as we ease into the weekend. This week has just flown by hasn’t it? Or at least, it has here. It might have been really slow for you. It’s a funny thing, time. This gown is the oldest piece in the Bath Fashion Museum and is extra special not just because of its gorgeousness because it is one of a very few complete seventeenth century dresses that are still in existence. Let’s just think about that – this dress, a fragile thing in itself, has managed to survive for […]

Dressing the Stars at Bath Fashion Museum

We have a bit of a cinematic theme here at Madame Guillotine lately, don’t we? Today ¬†Felix and I headed off on a train to Bath for the opening day of the new exhibition Dressing the Stars at the fabulous Bath Fashion Museum, which is housed in the former Assembly Rooms where Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, Jane Austen and a whole host of Georgette Heyer heroines flirted, dance and exchanged frosty bows with acquaintances. Nowadays, the Assembly Rooms have been used as a location for several film and television productions, including Persuasion and The Duchess and so it makes an […]

A quick trip to Bath

  I just thought I’d share some more photographs from my trip to Bath last week. I decided to try out the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone and ended up with some splendidly eerie and gloomy shots of the city. Hope you like them! An archway beside the Pump Rooms, where the Georgian visitors to Bath would have taken the waters and perused the infamous book to see who the new arrivals were. I always think of Catherine Morland and her horrid frenemy Isabella flirting with all the young men whenever I go here. A view down the side of […]

Bath Fashion Museum, 18th Century Dresses, part two

Are you ready for part two of my write up about my afternoon in the Bath Fashion Museum’s study centre? I’m really pleased that fellow enthusiasts are enjoying these photographs so much! Dress six: Unknown origin (looks English to me), robe volante from 1730-39. I’ve posted quite a few photographs of the skirt just so you can all see the quality of the hand embroidered decoration. It really is amazing – I can’t imagine how many hours of work went into making this. It really does make you think about the amount of work that went into these dresses and […]

Bath Fashion Museum – 18th century dresses, part one

I have just got home after an amazing couple of hours spent studying some of the eighteenth century dresses in the vast collections (I think they said they have 80,000 pieces in their archives) of the Fashion Museum in Bath. It almost went all wrong when it turned out that they had forgotten to put my appointment in their diary but all’s well that ends well and actually it worked out very well for me as I had to come back when everyone else booked in had finished and so had it all to myself. I joked beforehand that it […]