Goodbye 2014

I can’t believe that 2014 is already almost over and we’re now hurtling towards 2015. I have had SUCH an amazing twelve months that I’ve started and abandoned this post several times over due to having FAR too much to say about it all – this was, after all, the year where I turned forty, confronted a whole bunch of silly little fears, got a book deal, ticked over six million page views on this blog and signed up with an agent so it was pretty action packed. However, for your sake, dear readers, I have therefore compiled a top […]

My thoughts on Getting Published…

The Getting Published panel at Mumsnet Blogfest. I’m clearly there. I know it looks like I’m asleep or TWEETING FURIOUSLY but that is actually my Listening Face. Photo: Mumsnet Bloggers Network/Anna Gordon. It hardly feels like a week has passed since I did my bit at the Mumsnet Blogfest event and I thought that I’d give the dust a bit of time to settle before expanding a bit on the points I was trying to make on the Getting Published panel and also trying to answer some of the questions people have been asking me since. Anyway, here goes. 1. […]

Mumsnet Blogfest 2012

Caitlin Moran at Blogfest. Photo: Mumsnet Bloggers Network I have returned from a rather amazing, often surreal but always inspiring two days in London and, as always, have hastened here to spill the beans about what happened. After much disorganisation and general rubbishness, I arrived at Paddington on Friday and, as usual, got the bus to Whitechapel, where I was staying the night with my dear chum Rachael from Tales from the Village. While on the bus I gradually began to realise that the man sitting opposite me, who looked apparently otherwise normal – a bit like a younger Bill […]

Blogfest preview…

Yesterday was quite an exciting day here at Guillotine Towers as I got a mention in a Times piece about making money from your blog, which I do in a roundabout way because this is pretty much the only place that I promote my books and even then it’s not so you’ll particularly notice it. I don’t know why I mentioned caviar as I’m practically vegan but I expect you get the general idea. I’d also like it to be known that I don’t laze about on the sofa in my pyjamas while writing but am in fact dressed in […]

Top tips for history bloggers

A group of history bloggers down the pub yesterday, discussing their stats and how to maximise SEO. It a source of absolute delight to me that history blogs seem to be springing up like mushrooms at the moment. Okay, we may never be able to take the Mummy Blogger lot on in anything that comes to sheer numbers but I reckon we’d more than hold our own against them in a pub quiz type scenario. And, sadly, PR types aren’t as interested in us so parcels of chocolate and other such goodies are rather thin on the ground but do […]

Madame Guillotine’s Request Box of DOOM

The very lovely Kim of Finest Imaginary and Hiphopsideproject, who has been a blogging chum of mine since, oh crikey, the dark days of Live Journal (I MUST tell you all about my time on Live Journal sometime, including the time I got a mention on LJ Drama dot org), said this morning that I should have a suggestion box so readers can request posts about historical things or whatnot that they would like me to give the ever so slightly and mawkishly irreverent Madame Guillotine treatment to. So here it is. It’s very simple – just leave a comment […]