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Catherine Eddowes and Kosminski

It seems like Jack the Ripper is back in the news again in a rather big way, which is jolly nice for me as, like Russell Edwards, who is responsible for the latest furore, I also have a book to promote. I wasn’t actually planning to blog about this but I’ve had so many people (seriously, my phone hasn’t stopped pinging at me since the article first appeared in the Daily Hate Mail) asking me what my thoughts are about this new development that I thought I’d better put it here so I have somewhere to direct them. I’m a […]

The Double Event – 30th September 1888

On the night of the 29th September 1888, Elisabeth Stride, a slight woman with grey eyes and curling brown hair walked the streets of Whitechapel in search of clients. Unlike the flashy Victorian prostitutes of popular imagining, she was dressed soberly and rather shabbily in a black jacket and skirt and black crepe bonnet, accessorized with a posy of red roses and ferns. She was far from home, having been born Elisabeth Gustafsdotter in November 1843 near Gothenburg in Sweden. As a teenager she had worked in domestic service before becoming a prostitute in her early twenties. Poor Elisabeth became […]

Things I love: 3: Alleyways

Here is a picture of me in an alleyway, pretending to be Mary Jane Kelly. Yes, I actually said ‘Take a photo of me being Mary Jane Kelly’ before this was taken and this is how it turned out. I think I look a bit too cheerful to be honest. On the other hand, it could be a lot worse. Some friends and I had a discussion recently about pretending to be Mary Jane Kelly that er I don’t think I’ll share with you now as this is a public blog. It’s worse than you are thinking though. Or maybe […]