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The Glorious Georges at Kensington Palace

‘In 1727, King George II succeeded to the British throne: a German born, military man with a penchant for punctuality and a glamorous succession of mistresses. He and his wife, Queen Caroline – a witty, intellectually curious and highly educated woman – cultivated a sparkling court at Kensington Palace, which became the talk of Georgian London. George and Caroline used the splendid State Apartments at Kensington Palace to entertain and host dazzling parties to which the great and good flocked, eager to catch a glimpse of the royal family, the great ‘celebrities’ of the age. This Easter, Historic Royal Palaces […]

A guest post on Georgian court dress by Dr Lucy Worsley

Dr Lucy Worsley at work in her office yesterday. Dear readers, I have an immense treat for you today as not only am I having the day off so you don’t have to read me rambling on and slipping peculiar references to goth music in amongst the historical smorgasbord that I’m attempting to tempt you with BUT, and more importantly, I also have a guest post by the fabulous Dr Lucy Worsley for you all. I know that Dr Worsley is VERY much admired around here and that I don’t really need to introduce her but for those who don’t […]

The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned

I was very excited to hear about the new upcoming exhibition at Hampton Court Palace this summer: The Wild, the Beautiful and The Damned, which looks at the beautiful and rather decadent art work produced under the aegis of the later Stuart courts. This is particularly well timed for me as I am working on a novel about Charles II’s youngest sister and need to go to Hampton Court Palace any way for a bit of a research poke about. I’ve been looking at a lot of Lely paintings lately as part of my work on this book and as […]

Back from London

I am back from a two day trip to London, where we saw some amazing things and completely destroyed our feet in the process. Whenever I go to London I feel a certain regret that despite growing up nearby in Colchester, coming from a proper old fashioned East End family and then accidentally living there later on (in my defence, my then boyfriend was one of those controlling weird freaks who don’t read books, despise intellectual pursuits and think their partners shouldn’t have their own interests and so systematically ridiculed me about my love of history until, exhausted by the […]

Writing update

Well, Before The Storm is almost finished and I find myself gripped by that peculiar fear that strikes towards the end of any writing project. I’m almost paralysed with fear and can hardly bring myself to write anything because as soon as it is finished, I will have to tackle the edits and also think seriously about its ultimate fate. Or maybe it’s just me? I have a couple of agents interested in looking at my work, which is nice but I really enjoy self publishing so am undecided. Of course, they’ll probably hate it so it’s moot, but if […]

Exciting things to come!

I have a couple of exciting things coming up for this blog that I’d like to share with you! The cool thing to do, of course, would be to keep schtum and for it all to be a lovely surprise but I’m afraid that isn’t how I roll. I’m an impatient, excitable sort of person, you see. First of all, I will be attending the advance press day of the glorious new exhibition Dressing the Stars, which will be running from the 12th July until the 29th August at Bath Fashion Museum! This show sounds utterly gorgeous and will include […]