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Mark Bruce’s Dracula at Bristol Old Vic

Photo: Farrows Creative. Being a bit of a goth, you can imagine how delighted I was to be asked along to the press night for Mark Bruce’s superlative and erotic reimagining of Dracula at the Bristol Old Vic. I usually write reviews within a day or so of the performance but my illness means that I’ve fallen a bit behind. Sorry! However, although this show has now moved on from Bristol – it’s currently on tour though (it’s in Manchester on Friday and Saturday this week before moving on to Birmingham next Wednesday) so you should be able to see […]

From Whitechapel is out in paperback!

“This is Melanie Clegg’s best book yet. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the period allows the reader to relax into the story and be swept along.” Rachael Lucas Set against the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 the lives of three women intertwine as they are propelled towards a collision with the crime spree of the legendary serial killer: Alice Redmayne, daughter of a famous artist, haunted since childhood by the disappearance of her sister Beatrice, finds herself enmeshed in the dark secrets of the past and caught between two very different men. Emma Johnson is working in a Calais brothel […]

The palace of Holyroodhouse

One of the high points of our holiday was finally getting to see the palace of Holyroodhouse for myself as it was somewhere that I have wanted to visit for a really long time, mainly because of its dramatic associations with the story of Mary Queen of Scots. Of course, these days Holyroodhouse is still technically a royal residence as it is the Queen’s official Scottish home where she and other members of the royal family stay when in Edinburgh and hold all the usual investitures and garden parties. However, unlike Buckingham Palace there has been a long tradition of […]

What Would Courtney Love Do?

I often feel like I was born with a wooden spoon in my mouth. Oh, that’s not to say that my upbringing wasn’t in some ways unusually privileged, no, but I’ve always felt like I was lacking pretty much all of the things that most people take for granted – namely a normal family and someone to love me and I don’t even mean ‘love’ in the romantic sense, I mean in ANY sense. You see, I was raised by people who didn’t love me, didn’t even like me in fact, so being loved, a feeling that is familiar to […]

The From Hell Companion

It’s probably no surprise AT ALL to regular readers of this blog to learn that Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s masterpiece From Hell is one of my favourite books (if not THE favourite book) and also spawned one of my favourite films. Okay, the film version of From Hell has its (many many) faults but I love it anyway. Anyway, you can my sheer and unadulterated JOY when I found out that the team behind From Hell had brought out a new companion book, snappily entitled The From Hell Companion to go with it, which probes even further into the […]

Guest Post – Goldcord Asylum

Hello there campers! I am having a day off today as I’m hosting a guest piece by upcoming authoress of doom and GIN fuelled misery, Jude Starling whose new book Goldcord Asylum came out this week and is BRILLIANT. I’d DEFINITELY recommend this one to anyone fascinated by Victorian asylums. An unfortunate looking patient in a reinforced strong dress. You know that scene in the Coppola adaptation of Dracula in which we see inside Jack Seward’s 1890s ‘lunatic asylum’ and the patients are being hosed and beaten with sticks by attendants who appear to be wearing hamster cages on their […]