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The Great War in Costume at Bath Fashion Museum

“The war is usually seen through military eyes. However, it could not have been won without the efforts of millions of women. They proved what they could do – what took a great deal longer was to convince everyone that they should do it.” ‘Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One’ by Kate Adie, (Hodder & Stoughton) There are some amazing displays, exhibitions and events all over the country at the moment to mark this year’s centenary of the outbreak of World War One in August 1914. As one might expect, the exhibition at […]

Blogfest preview…

Yesterday was quite an exciting day here at Guillotine Towers as I got a mention in a Times piece about making money from your blog, which I do in a roundabout way because this is pretty much the only place that I promote my books and even then it’s not so you’ll particularly notice it. I don’t know why I mentioned caviar as I’m practically vegan but I expect you get the general idea. I’d also like it to be known that I don’t laze about on the sofa in my pyjamas while writing but am in fact dressed in […]

Ten books to see you through the Downton withdrawal…

Another series of Downton Abbey has drawn to a close and I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit bereft right now. It’s taken me three series to fully get into this show and I am a bit miffed that it’s coming to an end just as the weather is beginning to turn truly wintry as it makes perfect snuggling under a blanket on a Sunday evening viewing. I’m not going to ruin the series for my readers outside the UK, but suffice to say that I’ve wept buckets over this one. How about you? Anyway, if you’re suffering from Downton […]

Downton Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas – I didn’t really as I managed to be horribly ill for the second year in a row which meant lying on the sofa weeping and feeling very VERY sorry for myself. The boys had a lovely time though with the six year old spending the whole day building a Lego Hogwarts Castle (photos to come) and the three year old generally running about and being excitable. I did manage to watch the Downton Abbey Christmas episode though and rather enjoyed it. What did you think? I know some of you haven’t […]

Downton Abbey (here be spoilers)

Well. What on earth was that all about then? Did you enjoy this season of Downton Abbey? I sort of did, even though I thought it veered between Sunset Beach levels of preposterousness and cloyingly nauseating mawkishness. I seem to recall people expressing surprise during the first series that something so good could be shown on ITV – this time, however, there could be no doubt that this was ITV fodder albeit of the most glitzy and entertaining kind. Where to start on the final episode? And how to discuss it without spoilers? There was an Awkward Confrontation in the […]

Downton Abbey (again)

Oh, Downton Abbey – you started like a lamb but appear to be going out like a lion. Or something. I wasn’t too keen on the first two episodes but the third one in the new season has made me remember why I loved you so much last year. I think that I have really gone off Mr Bates now. It’s not me, it’s him. I just can’t respect or even slightly fancy someone so weak. Yes, yes he’s supposed to be all self sacrificial and all that, but honestly, who’d want to live with that and the constant fear […]