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Museum of London Docklands

As a huge fan of the Museum of London and someone with an interest in, shall we say, the grittier side of London’s rich and chequered history, I can’t believe that it took me so long to finally pay my first visit to the Museum of London’s Docklands site, which inhabits a wonderful old building by the river in the shadow of Canary Wharf. I’m glad that I finally made the effort though and would definitely encourage all of you to go too, especially if you think your interests may at all coincide with my own. I went early on […]

They shall not pass – the Battle of Cable Street, 1936

Like a lot of people who come from old East End families, the fourth of October is pretty much engraved on my heart as the date of the Battle of Cable Street, when over a hundred thousand Londoners (as might be expected, accounts vary about the numbers that turned out but anywhere between a hundred thousand and half a million people were there) of both sexes, all ages and all manner of political and idealogical affiliation turned out together in the streets of the East End to put a stop to a planned march through Stepney, which had a very […]

Save the Marquis of Lansdowne!

SAVE THE GIN! Wearing my Cockney necklace with PRIDE here – I may not have been born in the East End but I was raised by a bone fide Cockney and have always considered myself one culturally. As you all know, I am DEEPLY passionate about the history of London’s East End and so you can imagine my feelings when I heard this morning that David Dewing, the Director of the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton is trying to justify the museum’s destruction of the Victorian Marquis of Lansdowne pub by saying that it is of ‘no historical significance’ and that […]