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Elizabeth and Philip: a Royal Wedding, 1947

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Baron Studios, 1947. Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014. When Princess Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of George VI announced her engagement to the extremely handsome Prince Philip of Greece on the 9th of July 1947, the people of Britain were, quite understandably, thrilled. The war had ended just two years earlier and the country was still in the grip of a prolonged period of post war austerity, with rubble from bombing raids still littering the streets and some rationing still in force (it didn’t end until 1953). Although there were some […]

Fashion Rules at Kensington Palace

Evening gown, probably Norman Hartnell, early 1950s. Lent by kind permission of HM the Queen. Photos: Melanie Clegg. Although there’s a distinctly Georgian theme going on at Kensington Palace at the moment, there’s still plenty of nods towards the palace’s other famous residents to enjoy when you pay a visit with displays devoted to the last Stuarts and Queen Victoria as well as my favourite, which showcases some of the wonderful dresses worn by the Queen, Princess Margaret and the late Princess of Wales. It’s certainly very fitting that the gowns should be on display at Kensington Palace as all […]

The Royal coronation dress

Photo: Royal Collection. Excitingly, the Royal Collection has just announced that as well as the frankly fabulous In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion exhibition, the gorgeous dress and robes worn by the Queen at her Coronation in June 1953 will be on display at Buckingham Palace as part of its summer opening as part of a special exhibition to mark the fiftieth anniversary of that event. The exhibition will also include dresses worn by her maids of honour as well as outfits and uniforms worn by other members of the royal family plus works of art […]

Ten great portraits of Queens

Elizabeth II. Photo: Royal Collection. Did you all enjoy the Jubilee long weekend? I thought it was all ace and it made me feel very patriotic and imbued with an unusual degree of love for my fellow country people. I’m basically keen on anything that involves either the Red Arrows or Prince Harry so a combination of both is pretty amazing in my opinion. I originally planned a post based on my grandfather’s reminiscing about the original Coronation day, which he took part in as one of the Scots Guards lining the processional route but he declared the whole thing […]

1953 evening gowns

The whole country has gone slightly Jubilee crazy, which is nice. If you like that sort of thing. It’s even spread to the shops with even the most innocuous items being repackaged with crowns and Union flags all over the place or even, in the case of Marmite (Ma’amite) or Kingsmill bread (Queensmill) renamed in honour of the Queen. I really like it – like probably everyone else in this country I can claim descent from Edward I so I suppose it feels like the rich distant cousins are having an extensive party or something. Or so I keep telling […]

Young Elizabeth: The Making of our Queen

I’m not really caught up in the Jubilee excitement yet, which is a bit peculiar as I usually love that sort of thing. I’ve started eyeing up Jubilee mugs, tins and tea towels though so perhaps it’s just about to hit me and we’ll be buried beneath a landslide of commemorative ware by the end of the week. One thing that I have bought is the latest Kate Williams book about the Queen, which like her earlier book Becoming Queen about the young Queen Victoria, focusses on the early life of Elizabeth II, arguing that it is the upbringing and […]