The Worst First Day At Work Ever is usually a rather pleasant cinematic or literary trope, wherein a usually hopelessly naive young thing starts a new job and finds them up against all manner of terrible obstacles, either amusing or terrible. It usually ends well and is generally a bit of a character building exercise for the main character, in this case the unfortunate young clerk, Norman who has never even seen inside a tank before and is now expected to join a battle hardened crew on a dangerous mission into the German countryside, as all the dreadfulness gradually quashes […]

This week…

I’ve been busily writing away like a mad thing lately so haven’t done much over the last few weeks. I’ve escaped my laptop a couple of times though so it’s not all bad! I must tell you about the night out I had a couple of weeks ago with one of my friends. We went to the Milk Thistle in central Bristol, which is a really amazing cocktail bar. You have to ring a doorbell to get in, which made me feel slightly anxious (what if they didn’t like the look of me when they opened the door?) but once […]

Deathly Hallows part 2

My blu-ray (I got the three disc version so I have a blu-ray, DVD and er something else) of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 arrived yesterday and I’m now on my second viewing as, and I make no apology, I love this film. I went to see it twice at the cinema as well and could cheerfully have gone a third or fourth time to be honest as it is just so darn good. I’m wondering how many viewings it will take before it doesn’t make me sob my heart out though. I can’t help myself. I […]

Who wears it best? (Big Wig Challenge)

Well, despite my wondering if it was my very worst post, my post about hot men in Tudor shirts (I am now having nightmares imagining the search terms this will engender) was hailed as one of my greatest blog posts and got you all swooning over Henry Cavill and a host of others. My only regret was that Aidan Turner was in The Tudors for such a short period of time (mere seconds in fact) that we never got to see him in a shirt or indeed shirtless. Let’s all take a break there for a minute shall we? Okay, […]

W.E. with utterly gratuitous John Simm

On the other hand, just look at Andrea Riseborough (you may recall her from dreary English Civil War drama The Devil’s Whore, about which the only good thing was a stubbly, scarred and slightly malevolent John Simm) as Wallis Simpson in these Vanity Fair shoot about Madonna’s upcoming film W.E. Cor. I’m a huge HUGE fan of James D’Arcy but have to say I’m not convinced by his David/Edward VIII/Duke of Windsor (pick whichever name you prefer) here. Can’t wait to see Natalie Dormer’s Queen Elizabeth as well but can she pull off a part that Helena Bonham-Carter pretty much […]