from hell

The From Hell Companion

It’s probably no surprise AT ALL to regular readers of this blog to learn that Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s masterpiece From Hell is one of my favourite books (if not THE favourite book) and also spawned one of my favourite films. Okay, the film version of From Hell has its (many many) faults but I love it anyway. Anyway, you can my sheer and unadulterated JOY when I found out that the team behind From Hell had brought out a new companion book, snappily entitled The From Hell Companion to go with it, which probes even further into the […]

Back from London

I am back from a two day trip to London, where we saw some amazing things and completely destroyed our feet in the process. Whenever I go to London I feel a certain regret that despite growing up nearby in Colchester, coming from a proper old fashioned East End family and then accidentally living there later on (in my defence, my then boyfriend was one of those controlling weird freaks who don’t read books, despise intellectual pursuits and think their partners shouldn’t have their own interests and so systematically ridiculed me about my love of history until, exhausted by the […]

Snapshots from my life

We’ve only just got round to uploading the contents of my old phone camera folder after my rather nice husband got me a lovely new iPhone 4 for Christmas and I thought I’d share some pictures with you all as I often feel like I write and write and write but you don’t know me at all! The picture above is of the Circus in Bath, which is a very stately round square indeed. Um, a round square? You know what I mean – it’d be a Square if it was square but it isn’t, it’s more of a circle, […]

Things I love: 3: Alleyways

Here is a picture of me in an alleyway, pretending to be Mary Jane Kelly. Yes, I actually said ‘Take a photo of me being Mary Jane Kelly’ before this was taken and this is how it turned out. I think I look a bit too cheerful to be honest. On the other hand, it could be a lot worse. Some friends and I had a discussion recently about pretending to be Mary Jane Kelly that er I don’t think I’ll share with you now as this is a public blog. It’s worse than you are thinking though. Or maybe […]


A Victorian Prostitute and From Hell obsessive like myself couldn’t possibly fail to be intrigued by the current adverts for the new Christian Lacroix scent Absynthe with swirling, sensuous references to green fairies and turn of the century decadence. It is only available via Avon, which gives me pause as I haven’t quite got used to Avon’s reinvention as an actual worthwhile cosmetic company and am still stuck in a late eighties mindset of saccharine shower gels, pastel lipstick and teddy bears dressed as Santa. Maybe this could be enough to entice me into the fold? I will certainly be […]