A War of Flowers – Jane Thynne

I’ve already reviewed the first two brilliant books in Jane Thynne’s Clara Vine series and had to come back and let you all know how much I absolutely loved A War of Flowers, the third instalment in this gripping and darkly evocative series of books set in the glittering but dangerous world of pre-war Berlin, where people are already scared to death, food is already scarce and Hitler and his revolting cronies are treated like demo-gods by their fanatical followers as Europe trembles on the very brink of war. I absolutely love Clara Vine, the half German, half English heroine […]


The Worst First Day At Work Ever is usually a rather pleasant cinematic or literary trope, wherein a usually hopelessly naive young thing starts a new job and finds them up against all manner of terrible obstacles, either amusing or terrible. It usually ends well and is generally a bit of a character building exercise for the main character, in this case the unfortunate young clerk, Norman who has never even seen inside a tank before and is now expected to join a battle hardened crew on a dangerous mission into the German countryside, as all the dreadfulness gradually quashes […]

Berlin Part Three

Although we’d heard that Sunday brunch is a traditional part of Berliner culture, we decided instead to head out to Friedrichshain for a much anticipated vegan kebab at Vöner. I’d been looking forward to this absolute treat for MONTHS so you can imagine how excited I was as we hopped on to the tram and headed off. I’m glad to say that it absolutely did NOT disappoint – Vöner is amazing as they have an actual proper vegan kebab spit thing and they carve the meat off just like a ‘real’ kebab. Just thinking about it now is making me […]

Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Tischbein, c1797. Photo: National Museums, Berlin. Long time, no see, my history loving amigos. I’ve been busy researching my novel about Sophie Scholl, enjoying the sunshine and sorting out some pretty exciting stuff that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few months – including press trips, camera in hand to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace and the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace to take a look at their new major exhibitions. To make up for my laxity, here’s a post about one of my favourite historical ladies – the extremely beauteous […]

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Sophie Scholl (1921-1943), photograph by Werner Scholl (1922-1944). ‘Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone’ — Sophie Scholl. Starting a new writing project is always exciting and especially so when you’re writing about something close to your heart and that you’ve wanted to explore in depth for a really long time. So it is with my latest project, which is a young adult novel about the German World War II heroine Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement. I must admit that I totally underestimated just how intense this project was going to be […]

Black Roses and The Winter Garden – Jane Thynne

I’m busy researching my upcoming novel about Sophie Scholl and the White Rose so am on a bit of a Nazi Germany kick at the moment. It’s not a period that I’ve ever really read much about to be honest, mainly because I am pathetically soft hearted and find reading about the terrible things that happened during that period just too unbearable so I’m ashamed to admit that I will usually do my best to avoid it otherwise I’d be in tears all the time about it all. However, I’ve had to steel myself to it as part of my […]