May 2014

I should have posted this ages ago but it’s better late than never, I suppose! Although this blog will still retain its emphasis on women’s history, I also really enjoy sharing more about my actual real life here too so am going to post a bit more about that in future. Anyway, May was a bit of a blinder of a month so I thought I’d kick off with some choice highlights via the wonders of Instagram and my gin fuddled memories. Let’s go! May kicked off with the completely amazing Georgian sleepover at Hampton Court Palace, which I enjoyed […]

The Guildhall Gothic

Mother, Dan Hillier, 2006. Photo: Dan Hillier. I was lucky enough to be invited along to see the superb new Victoriana: The Art of Revival exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery in London, which explores the current fascination with Victoriana in all its most macabre and peculiar manifestations. ‘From the macabre to the quaint, the sensational to the surreal, ‘Victoriana: The Art of Revival’ is the first ever exhibition in the UK to offer a major examination of Victorian revivalism in all its forms. Featuring graphic design, film, photography, ceramics, taxidermy, furniture, textiles and fine art, this multi-media show explores […]

Dress of the Week – Gorgeously Gothic Galliano

Maria-Luisa dress, Galliano, 1998. Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Today’s Dress of the Week (I’m impressed that I’ve managed to keep this feature going!) is John Galliano’s ‘Maria-Luisa’ dress from his S/S 1998 collection, which is perhaps one of the most gorgeously opulent dresses ever made. I mean, just LOOK at it. Amazing. Okay, maybe you have to be a bit goth to appreciate it, but seriously just look at the size of it and those incredible flounces! John Galliano is one of my all time favourite designers (hey, I may look a bit scruffy but I can […]

Fields of the Nephilim’s Halloween gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

There’s no point denying it. I’m a goth. Always have been and always will be. Oh woe is me. Hand/staple/forehead. I’ve loved Fields of the Nephilim ever since I was a sad little redheaded seventeen year old goth grumping my way around Colchester in an array of dishevelled velvet flounced skirts, jingling mirror embroidered tie dye dresses and pointy little patchouli oil doused boots. I can still remember the moment that I first heard them – my rather older ex boyfriend, who turned out to be a really quite dreadful person, was driving us to a Sealed Muster up north […]

Madame Talbot’s Gothic and Victorian Lowbrow

We’re recovering from a busy weekend during which I did a lot of cooking, made Domestic Sluttery chai cakes (VERY nice and a good way to kick off my new resolution to bake every week so that I can justify buying a hot pink KitchenAid mixer to preside over my kitchen) and helped my husband FINALLY frame and hang my budding collection of gothic Madame Talbot prints. I love these pictures so I thought I’d share them with you! This is the first one that I bought, unsurprisingly enough considering my deep interest in the Jack the Ripper case! It’s […]

Sophie Lancaster RIP

On the 24th August 2007, the family of nineteen year old Sophie Lancaster from Bacup in Lancashire made the painful and truly devastating decision to switch off her life support machine at the Hope Hospital in Salford. Beautiful, intelligent Sophie, a vegetarian pacifist who was looking forward to going to university to do an English degree was described as ‘funny, kind, loving and brave’ by her family had been in coma for almost two weeks after being attacked along with her boyfriend, Robert Maltby by a gang of what appears to have been around a dozen people in a badly […]