Margaret Tudor

Crown of Thistles

Despite having made the point several times on this blog that I am not exactly a fan of Mary Queen of Scots, I have recently started to wonder if I am not in fact her BIGGEST fan due to the fact that I am helplessly drawn like a moth towards a flame to the mere mention of her and any new books about her (unless they are tie ins with the exercable horror that is Reign or the very worst kind of romantic historical fiction) are pretty much an insta-buy for me. I can’t help it. Even though I am […]

Margaret Tudor, 28th November 1489

Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and his peculiarly enigmatic queen, the flaxen haired and pulchritudinous Elizabeth of York and the elder sister of Henry VIII was born in Richmond Palace on 28th November 1489. She was married by proxy to James IV, King of Scotland on 24th January 1502, aged just twelve then packed off away from her family and everything that she knew to Scotland and a husband who, although reputedly very good looking and charming, was sixteen years her senior and well known for his philandering ways. Let’s make it clear though that young Margaret, although reportedly […]