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A rose by any other name…

There’s been a LOT of excitement about my new writing project, which I feel I must thank you all for. I’m really loving writing this book and can’t wait until you can all read it, which will hopefully be later this year if all goes well. I’ve read and re-read Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books dozens of times since I was a very little girl but it would never have occurred to me to add anything to the vast amounts of speculative fiction about him until I had a conversation with my friend Del a while ago about whether his mother […]

Another week, another load of pointless waffle…

I’m still writing furiously at the moment but I have THE most IMMENSE list of blog posts (Yes! An actual list!) all waiting for my attention and your perusal over the next few weeks, ranging from Stuart royal weddings to witterings about CRIME to all manner of iniquity. I’m also trying to organise some trips to some splendid places that I think you’d all like to hear about but more on that when I actually get it all sorted out. In the meantime, however, here’s some thoughts about last week. My husband and I took the boys to the local […]

I’m forever blowing bubbles…

I didn’t do very well at sticking to Book Review Sunday so instead I am introducing Weekly Roundup At Some Point Over The Weekend or something. I’ll have to think of a more snappy title by the end of this post, won’t I? Anyway, I used to really enjoy writing about the various things that I’d got up to during the week and lots of you seemed to like reading about it for whatever reason so I am BRINGING IT BACK. I know, I’m so good to you. Anyway, the lovely photo montage above shows you some of what I’ve […]

Phew, I did it! Ten thousand book sales.

I’ve been quiet, haven’t I? I wish I had an excuse but I don’t really – I’ve just been busy working on my fourth novel, which is going very well indeed, thanks for asking! The young Louis XIV just EXUDES sexiness. Sorry, but he does. Every scene that he turns up in just CRACKLES. Phew. It’s really taking it out of me. In other news though: I’VE SOLD MY TEN THOUSANDTH BOOK! Yes, that’s right. Ten thousand of my books are languishing on Kindles ALL OVER THE WORLD. Unless they’ve been deleted or something. But hey, let’s be optimistic here, […]

The fear of rejection and why it’s (probably) okay

A photo of me, looking rejected. As I approach my 10,000th book sale, which is apparently going to happen at some point in the next couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about writing, what it means to me and what my ultimate goal is. I mean, what do I want to get out of this? What is my long term plan and do I even need to have one? The one thing that keeps popping up in my mind though is my epic fear of rejection and I’ll be honest, it paralyses me. I wouldn’t say that is […]

Top tips for history bloggers

A group of history bloggers down the pub yesterday, discussing their stats and how to maximise SEO. It a source of absolute delight to me that history blogs seem to be springing up like mushrooms at the moment. Okay, we may never be able to take the Mummy Blogger lot on in anything that comes to sheer numbers but I reckon we’d more than hold our own against them in a pub quiz type scenario. And, sadly, PR types aren’t as interested in us so parcels of chocolate and other such goodies are rather thin on the ground but do […]