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March – My Month

My amazing new Bloody Mary Metal sword earrings/graffiti in Bristol/poorly five year old/Viking exhibition preview. I can’t believe that March is already over – especially as February seemed to drag on and on and on. It’s been a mostly good one though, with a trip to London for the press review of the epic Vikings exhibition at the British Museum as a definite highlight even if I wasn’t absolutely smitten by the show itself. Closer to home, we had one of our regular outings to the SS Great Britain, which is the very best attraction in Bristol (I’ve got a […]

Yet another weekly round up…

Hipster juice! One of the reasons that I decided to resume my weekly round up posts (besides wanting to chat about odd little things that don’t warrant entire posts to themselves and would detract from the overall theme of posh doom and nice pictures) is that I wanted to force myself to take more photographs and take better note of the every day things that actually make up my life. I think it has been extremely successful in this respect as I’ve been taking photos of EVERYTHING – including this bottle of rather nice gin. Hoxton gin is jolly nice […]

Weekly Round Up…

A corner of my new kitchen! Hello there! Some of you with long memories may recall that I used to post a weekly round up of bits and bobs that didn’t really call for an entire blog post on their own but that for tiresome reasons that I either can’t remember or are too tiresome to divulge, I let this habit slip. Well NO MORE. Yes, that’s right – weekly round up posts are BACK ON starting from today. Some of the new kitchen. This space is CLEARLY crying out for a bright pink Kitchenaid mixer, right. Of course, this […]

Iniquity and woe

I’m in the middle of packing up several thousand books and a few other things ready to move house at the end of the week so as you can imagine, my writing mojo has packed up too and fled the building. I had so many ideas for blog posts this week but all the mountains of boxes and MESS are just draining all my reserves of creativity and whimsy. Argh. The truth is that I am a bit of a not so secret neat freak and I struggle to function if everything around me is in chaos or a state […]

Make Up and Me

I love make up. There, I said it. It’s just wonderful, which is no doubt why I have SO MUCH of the bloody stuff. This wouldn’t be so bad but I’m a terrible snob about brands and don’t have any of the cheaporama stuff but instead save my pennies for The Good Stuff like Chanel, NARS, MAC and Illamasqua. I’ve convinced myself that this is actually an INVESTMENT as the good stuff is more densely pigmented and therefore lasts longer as you need to use less but I don’t actually think that’s true. Also the more expensive brands are less […]

Two Million Page Views! Cor blimey, guv’nor.

At some point when I wasn’t looking, this blog went over TWO MILLION PAGE VIEWS, which is quite astounding really. Mainly because I can’t quite believe that ANYONE reads it, let alone thousands of people. I’m also quite pleased that I’ve clearly moved on from the frantic stat checking of my early blog days and am now pretty laid back about the whole thing. CLEARLY. It’s been a brilliant few years since I first started this blog in a frantic attempt to escape the clammy clutches of Live Journal with all its pointless memes and endless soggy gothic drama and […]