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Fashion Rules at Kensington Palace

Evening gown, probably Norman Hartnell, early 1950s. Lent by kind permission of HM the Queen. Photos: Melanie Clegg. Although there’s a distinctly Georgian theme going on at Kensington Palace at the moment, there’s still plenty of nods towards the palace’s other famous residents to enjoy when you pay a visit with displays devoted to the last Stuarts and Queen Victoria as well as my favourite, which showcases some of the wonderful dresses worn by the Queen, Princess Margaret and the late Princess of Wales. It’s certainly very fitting that the gowns should be on display at Kensington Palace as all […]

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. Photo: Corbis. Princess Margaret Rose was born at Glamis Castle in Scotland on this day, the 21st of August in 1930. As I’ve had occasion to say MANY times on this blog, most princesses are not even nearly so pretty as the ones in fairy tales but Princess Margaret really lucked out when they were handing out looks and elegance as she was that rare thing – a genuinely beautiful princess. Reportedly, the princess was not just beautiful but also possessed a formidable intellect, which she would later lament remained untried by her parents’ rather […]

Royal Ceremonial Dress, Kensington Palace

The original purpose of my trip to London was a visit to the Royal Ceremonial Dress collection, which is kept behind the scenes at Kensington Palace. Thanks to Desmond Shawe-Taylor, I was very very fortunate to be able to make contact with the Collections Curator, Deirdre Murphy who is a fount of information and enthusiasm and she very kindly allowed me to visit the collection to have a look at a few pieces and photograph them for my blog. Kensington Palace is undergoing intense renovation work at the moment so quite a lot of the building that would usually be […]

Princess Margaret’s wedding dress

I have an immense soft spot for Princess Margaret and as it seems to be the summer of Royal Weddings, I thought it would be nice to make a post about her gorgeous wedding dress. It was designed by Royal Family favourite designer Norman Hartnell, who also designed her sister, Elizabeth’s wedding dress in 1947. Princess Margaret Rose, who was pretty stunning in her own right (we’ve talked before on here about the actual likelihood of a princess being anything like as pretty as Disney would have us believe they all are) was married to society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones on […]