secret diary

New covers!

I’m a bit excited about the new cover for The Secret Diary of a Princess: a novel of Marie Antoinette and hastened here to share it with you all. What do you think? I think it works really well as it plays with the ‘secret’ element and there’s also a masked ball in the book! This is the new cover for Blood Sisters, my novel of POSH DOOM, aristocratic iniquity, romance and horrible bloodshed set during the French Revolution. I think I can see now why headless ladies are so popular on historical fiction novels – the model in the […]

Writing progress, June 2012

Henrietta Anne Stuart, Duchesse d’Orleans, Nocret, c1660. Photo: National Gallery of Scotland. “No one notices me as I fight my way through the crowd to a mirror and slip in next to my brother James, who is grimacing down at his elaborate costume in dismay. Like Philippe and his handsome young men, he is playing the part of a fisherman and is decked out in an absurd blue tunic designed to look as if it is made from scales and decorated with profusions of crimson satin ribbons and feathers and little gilded fish that tremble with every movement he makes. […]

Marie Antoinette’s wedding day, 16th May 1770

My novel about Marie Antoinette, The Secret Diary of a Princess seems to have attracted a really nice faction of fans (hello!) and I get emails and comments pretty much every day asking if there will be a sequel. I’m not sure if there will be any more as I have so many other projects on the go but as today is the 242nd anniversary of their wedding day (what stone is that? Kryptonite?), I thought I’d let you see what happens next. The novel ended with Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin poised to enter the chapel for their wedding. […]

Marie Antoinette sequel progress

I love this pretty portrait of the young Marie Antoinette, painted in around 1774 by Jean Martial Frédou, an artist who was first painter for her brother in law, the Comte de Provence from 1776. It’s a lovely painting but as usual, the little Queen complained that it failed to capture a likeness. I’m reading her letters to her mother at the moment and there seems to be a lot of angst about portraits not quite getting it right. Poor Marie Antoinette! I feel a lot of sympathy for the artists though. I’m sprinting through the first draft of the […]

Marie Antoinette’s wedding dress

‘It didn’t take us long to reach the royal chapel and there was a small awkward pause as my ladies came forward to tweak my full skirts and, clicking their tongues disapprovingly against their teeth, do their best to hide the wide expanse of lacing at my back, which revealed that my beautiful cloth of silver dress, made from measurements sent from Vienna several months earlier, was far too small for me. ‘Good luck,’ Madame de Mailly whispered when the ladies in waiting finally melted back again, their wide silk and brocade skirts rustling against the marble floor. ‘You look […]

The Secret Diary of a Princess sequel announcement (finally!)

Just in case you missed the announcement that I slipped into one of my posts last week: I have started work on a sequel to The Secret Diary of a Princess and am hoping that it will be available to buy later this year. It was always my intention to write a sequel at some point but I wanted to go off and write about the French Revolution first before I returned to the world of Maria Antonia and her family. I also wanted to see how well the first book did and have concluded, three years on, that after […]