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A Real Life Sherlock – Guest post by Angela Buckley

On the evening of 6 December 1886, Arthur Foster left the Queen’s Theatre, Manchester, with a pocket full of gold and a bejewelled lady on his arm. He hailed a hansom cab and as the couple settled into the carriage, a shadowy figure slipped in beside them. The yellow light of a gas lamp revealed him as an older man, dark-haired, with a full beard and moustache. Foster, AKA the Birmingham Forger, recognised the stranger immediately: the intruder sitting in his cab was Detective Chief Inspector Jerome Caminada, who had once again caught his man. The year before the début […]

Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die

As long term readers of this blog will be VERY well aware of, I am a MASSIVE HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan. Always have been and always will be. I can’t remember when I first fell in love with Sherlock but I’m pretty sure that the Ladybird version of The Hound of the Baskervilles was involved. I’ve always been a total sucker for a bit of gothic creepiness and the classic tale of murder and iniquity in the wilds of Dartmoor ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been thrilled over the decades by my hero’s continued popularity […]

Sherlock Holmes, October 2014

Exciting news for all fans of Sherlock Holmes and come on, let’s face it, who ISN’T a fan?! Oh, shush, you at the back. Anyway, the much anticipated Museum of London exhibition about our favourite super sleuth is kicking off on the 17th of October and running until the 12th of April 2015 and I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see it. ‘This year the Museum of London welcomes an exciting new exhibition, delving into the mind of the world’s most famous fictional detective; Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Asking searching questions such as who is Sherlock Holmes, and why does […]

Looking forward to 2014

Christ Church, Spitalfields. Photo: Melanie Clegg. Following on from yesterday’s highlights of 2013, I thought it’d be fun or interesting or whatever to have a look at the ten things that I am most STOKED about for 2014. Ready? Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, after Hans Holbein the Younger, early 17th century. Photo: National Portrait Gallery, London. 1. Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies at the RSC. It seems like eons ago that I bought my tickets for this and I can’t believe that it is now just mere weeks until I trek up to Stratford upon Avon for […]

A rose by any other name…

There’s been a LOT of excitement about my new writing project, which I feel I must thank you all for. I’m really loving writing this book and can’t wait until you can all read it, which will hopefully be later this year if all goes well. I’ve read and re-read Conan-Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books dozens of times since I was a very little girl but it would never have occurred to me to add anything to the vast amounts of speculative fiction about him until I had a conversation with my friend Del a while ago about whether his mother […]

The Case of the Sudden Femme Fatale (guest post by Delilah des Anges)

Last time I was allowed onto this blog as a guest poster I came and perved on Romans; the time before that I was being a little too kind about Burke and Hare. This time I’m here to whinge about depictions of Irene Adler in modern Sherlock Holmes Adaptations. This will contain spoilers for the BBC adaptation and the Guy Ritchie movies. When A Scandal In Belgravia aired there was a lot of talk about Irene Adler, and whether or not her character was “feminist”, whether her portrayal was “feminist”, and whether or not nudity, sex, rescue, romance, blah blah […]