Lover’s Eye Jewellery at Tatty Devine

Eye miniatures, early nineteenth century. Photo: Victoria and Albert Museum. As we all know, the eighteenth century was a bit of a heyday for weird, wonderful and often super creepy fashion from the amazingly funereal get ups of the Merveilleuses with their white powdered faces, red ribbon chokers (to evoke their guillotined chums) to false eyebrows made from mouse hair to having entire miniature gardens decorating the tops of their towering white coiffures. However, to my mind, the creepiest eighteenth century fashion of all time has got to be the brief fashion towards the end of the century for eye […]

This week…

From Whitechapel and the ever lovely Diggory Cat. I’m not feeling too great right now so I’m posting this from the comfort of my bed, where I am currently covered in cats and books about Jack the Ripper as I work on From Whitechapel. It’s going well at the moment – I’ve written almost 78,000 words now and just cleared a writer’s block hurdle which held progress up for a few days. It’s been a fairly quiet week to be honest, mostly involving writing, reading and watching a LOT of Miss Marple. Oops. I don’t really enjoy the summer holidays […]

This Week

My two stones award from Slimming World! My new GIN necklace from Tatty Devine. The perfect summer scent – Eau Moheli by Diptyche. The Cath Kidston Gromit. It’s been a bit of a busy one at Guillotine Towers as we’re off on holiday at the weekend! We’re not going anywhere exotic – just spending a fortnight in Cumbria (on the edge of the Lake District) so that I can finish From Whitechapel and visit Alnwick Castle and Edinburgh. It’s going to be lovely. Anyway, this means that I’ve been winding down the blog a bit at the moment and also […]

Lovely candle goodness…

I received a huge box of gorgeous goodies from my latest sponsor Piixlwix Candle Company last week and just had to share pictures of it all with you. I wish someone would hurry up and invent a scratch and sniffable internet as well as the scents involved are out of this world! I keep picking up the candles for a surreptitious sniff every time I go past them and as for the perfumes? Ooh la la. When the lovely Krissy of PiixlWix asked me to choose a selection of things from her site, I felt completely spoilt for choice but […]

Make Up and Me

I love make up. There, I said it. It’s just wonderful, which is no doubt why I have SO MUCH of the bloody stuff. This wouldn’t be so bad but I’m a terrible snob about brands and don’t have any of the cheaporama stuff but instead save my pennies for The Good Stuff like Chanel, NARS, MAC and Illamasqua. I’ve convinced myself that this is actually an INVESTMENT as the good stuff is more densely pigmented and therefore lasts longer as you need to use less but I don’t actually think that’s true. Also the more expensive brands are less […]

A very gloomy Victorian Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when I start to roll out my alternative Christmas gift guides for your delectation. As would appear to be traditional, I’m going to start with a selection of goodies that are guaranteed to evoke a gloomy Victoriana vibe on Christmas morning. What could be better? First of all we have these gorgeous faux fur Russian princess hats and muffs, custom made by Moretta Designs for just £35 each. How gorgeous and also eminently perfect for snuggling into at this time of year! What could be more perfect for lugging books about in […]