Ripper Street Season Three

It’s hard to believe that just a year has passed since the end of the second season of Ripper Street and the terrible news that the stupid BBC had decided to cancel what was one of the best series on television. Thankfully all of the resultant fuss and campaigning paid off and the show was taken over by Amazon instead to be screened on Amazon Prime and then repeated by the BBC in early 2015. I was pleased as punch about all of this and especially when I heard that the new season would have a much bigger budget and […]

From Whitechapel

There was a pain, a terrible empty, lonely ache of sorrow and loss, within my ribcage while my heart felt like it had turned to ashes. This then was the end of my journey, this then was the answer that I had sought for so long, this then was the secret that Whitechapel had been withholding from me… Alice Redmayne, beautiful daughter of a famous artist, has been haunted since childhood by the mysterious disappearance of her sister Beatrice but when she resolves to discover what happened all those years ago she finds herself enmeshed in the dark secrets of […]

The Jack the Ripper Conference 2013

Christ Church, Spitalfields. Crikey, WHAT a weekend! I have no idea where to start but I promised an update about the Jack the Ripper Conference so here it is! My first Conference was just last year in York so it was a bit exciting a year on to be there in the capacity of speaker as well as delegate – it certainly felt a bit like I’ve gone up a bit in the world! Anyway, I was both excited and also rather scared as I got on my train at Bristol Temple Meads last Friday morning and headed off to […]

Off to Ripper Con 2013

Hello there everyone! Sorry that I’ve been so quiet lately but I’ve been really caught up with finishing off my Jack the Ripper novel From Whitechapel (which is now completely finished AT LONG LAST!) and then in getting ready for this weekend’s Jack the Ripper Conference in the East End of London. This is a particularly exciting conference for me as I am going to be the first speaker on Saturday morning, when I will be presenting my paper on the mysteries surrounding Mary Jane Kelly, the Ripper’s final and most famous canonical victim. It’s going to be a bit […]

Meet the heroine – Clara Lee

I thought I would take a break from weeping over the seventh chapter of The Ripper Book in order to chat a bit about my other heroine, Clara Lee whose life in Whitechapel is rather less fancy than that of Alice Redmayne with her knighted artist Papa, big house in Highbury and lovely dresses. Clara is actually based in part on my own great great aunt Clara, who was born in Poplar in 1865, the second daughter of David Lee of H Division and his first wife, Elizabeth Barr. The real Clara Lee was actually twenty two at the time […]

Why I love Ripper Street

I know that I wasn’t all that impressed with Ripper Street (and I’ll admit that as a Ripperologist I was probably looking for reasons to carp and grumble to be honest) at first but as the series has shambled along, I’ve actually fallen rather in love with it and upon revisiting the first episode, have come to conclusion that maybe I was being a tad harsh when I judged it after my first viewing. Some series are like that I suppose. Slow burners. Okay, it has its faults, mainly in the historical accuracy department, but I can live with that […]