The Great War in Costume at Bath Fashion Museum

“The war is usually seen through military eyes. However, it could not have been won without the efforts of millions of women. They proved what they could do – what took a great deal longer was to convince everyone that they should do it.” ‘Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One’ by Kate Adie, (Hodder & Stoughton) There are some amazing displays, exhibitions and events all over the country at the moment to mark this year’s centenary of the outbreak of World War One in August 1914. As one might expect, the exhibition at […]

Spare Brides – Adele Parks

I’ve been a huge fan of Adele Parks’ novels for many many MANY years and always look forward with enormous excitement to each new release. I was particularly thrilled, however, when I found out that Adele’s latest book moves into entirely new territory with her first ever foray into historical fiction. Gosh, I suppose that I ought to feel at least FAINTLY aggrieved when one of my favourite contemporary fiction writers takes a swerve into my own turf but honestly I am just THRILLED when it happens as they always bring something fresh and new to the table. Evening dress, […]