From Whitechapel Book Launch

From Whitechapel has been well and truly launched! On a dark and gloomy evening last week, a group of various misfits gathered together in the historic Gun pub next to Spitalfields Market to celebrate the publication of my fifth novel, which is set during the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. The location was extremely apt as most of the book’s action takes place in the warren of streets around the market, with one character living in the old Victorian police station on Commercial Street, while another frequents the local doss houses before finding work in the Britannia pub, which […]

From Whitechapel is out in paperback!

“This is Melanie Clegg’s best book yet. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the period allows the reader to relax into the story and be swept along.” Rachael Lucas Set against the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 the lives of three women intertwine as they are propelled towards a collision with the crime spree of the legendary serial killer: Alice Redmayne, daughter of a famous artist, haunted since childhood by the disappearance of her sister Beatrice, finds herself enmeshed in the dark secrets of the past and caught between two very different men. Emma Johnson is working in a Calais brothel […]

Catherine Eddowes and Kosminski

It seems like Jack the Ripper is back in the news again in a rather big way, which is jolly nice for me as, like Russell Edwards, who is responsible for the latest furore, I also have a book to promote. I wasn’t actually planning to blog about this but I’ve had so many people (seriously, my phone hasn’t stopped pinging at me since the article first appeared in the Daily Hate Mail) asking me what my thoughts are about this new development that I thought I’d better put it here so I have somewhere to direct them. I’m a […]

A look at the Ripper Centenary in 1988 by John Bennett

Still from From Hell, 2001. This is a guest piece by Ripperologist and historian, John Bennett, who gave such a wonderful talk about his experiences as an East End tour guide at the recent Jack the Ripper Conference. This piece originally appeared in the Ripperologist magazine but I found it so interesting that I asked if I could post it here as well. John is author of the excellent E1: A Journey Through Whitechapel and Spitalfields and has a new and most fascinating sounding book, Jack the Ripper: CSI: Whitechapel, co-authored with Paul Begg out next week. Contemporary and imaginative […]

The Jack the Ripper Conference 2012

Following a man dressed as Jack the Ripper down an alleyway during the Sunday night ghost walk. Hello there. I am now back home, safe and sound, having returned yesterday afternoon from the 2012 Jack the Ripper Conference, which was held in York. ‘What on earth happens at a Jack the Ripper Conference?’ I hear you all cry. Well, I am going to tell you… I arrived in York on Friday afternoon after a trauma punctuated four hour train journey from Bristol, which involved a very nice group of stag weekenders (no, seriously, they were a delight and I’m not […]

Preview of the Jack the Ripper Conference 2012

Contemporary and imaginative engraving of Mary Kelly. Along with pretty much every other Ripperologist in the country, I’m off to the Jack the Ripper Conference in York in a couple of weeks time and can hardly wait. It’s being held on the anniversary of the so called ‘double event’, the murders of both Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes, and looks like it’s going to be the weekend from hell. Hah. Did you see what I did there? Okay, moving on. Sadly this means that I won’t be at the HNS Conference which is taking place in London the same weekend […]