Berlin – Part One

When it comes to history, there are few cities with such a chequered and fascinating past as Berlin. I’ve wanted to visit for a really long time but had been vaguely put off by friends’ accounts of a grim concrete wilderness and endless building sites as the newly prosperous and unified city pulled itself together. However, as time went on, I started hearing different reports about Berlin and how beautiful and interesting is and once again my interest was raised and I put it to the top of my Must Visit List. Imagine my joy therefore when my rather nice […]

Goodbye to All That

So, here it is. The last day of my thirties. I’ve been completely dreading this, which is, I know, just a trifle VAIN of me but forty just seems like such a HUGE number plus when I was growing up, women in their forties were, well, old and I just don’t feel ready to be properly grown up. Not yet anyway. I mean, there’s still loads of stuff that I want to do and places that I want to see! It’s all changed now though – women in their forties aren’t expected to wear beige, don sensible shoes and cut […]

Fear of Forty

Z for Zillah, Edward Gorey. I have this in my kitchen. I had something of a miserable childhood and adolescence for all sorts of reasons too tiresome to enumerate here but suffice to say that it was tough at the time, still occasionally upsetting now but these days I am mostly better than fine about the whole thing. However, one of the things that I find hard to deal with is the fact that my grandparents who raised me in the absence of my parents brought me up to be completely lacking in any vestige of self confidence, pathologically anxious […]