book review

A War of Flowers – Jane Thynne

I’ve already reviewed the first two brilliant books in Jane Thynne’s Clara Vine series and had to come back and let you all know how much I absolutely loved A War of Flowers, the third instalment in this gripping and darkly evocative series of books set in the glittering but dangerous world of pre-war Berlin, where people are already scared to death, food is already scarce and Hitler and his revolting cronies are treated like demo-gods by their fanatical followers as Europe trembles on the very brink of war. I absolutely love Clara Vine, the half German, half English heroine […]

Stormbird – Conn Iggulden

‘King Henry V – the great Lion of England – is long dead. In 1437, after years of regency, the pious and gentle Henry VI, the Lamb, comes of age and accedes to the English throne. His poor health and frailty of mind render him a weakling king -Henry depends on his closest men, Spymaster Derry Brewer and William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, to run his kingdom. Yet there are those, such as the Plantagenet Richard, Duke of York, who believe England must be led by a strong king if she is to survive. With England’s territories in […]

The Winter Crown – Elizabeth Chadwick

It is the winter of 1154 and Eleanor, Queen of England, is biding her time. While her husband King Henry II battles for land across the channel, Eleanor fulfils her duty as acting ruler and bearer of royal children. But she wants to be more than this – if only Henry would let her. Instead, Henry belittles and excludes her, falling for a young mistress and leaving Eleanor side-lined and angry. And as her sons become young men, frustrated at Henry’s hoarding of power, Eleanor is forced into a rebellion of devastating consequences. She knows how much Henry needs her, […]

Crown of Thistles

Despite having made the point several times on this blog that I am not exactly a fan of Mary Queen of Scots, I have recently started to wonder if I am not in fact her BIGGEST fan due to the fact that I am helplessly drawn like a moth towards a flame to the mere mention of her and any new books about her (unless they are tie ins with the exercable horror that is Reign or the very worst kind of romantic historical fiction) are pretty much an insta-buy for me. I can’t help it. Even though I am […]

Spare Brides – Adele Parks

I’ve been a huge fan of Adele Parks’ novels for many many MANY years and always look forward with enormous excitement to each new release. I was particularly thrilled, however, when I found out that Adele’s latest book moves into entirely new territory with her first ever foray into historical fiction. Gosh, I suppose that I ought to feel at least FAINTLY aggrieved when one of my favourite contemporary fiction writers takes a swerve into my own turf but honestly I am just THRILLED when it happens as they always bring something fresh and new to the table. Evening dress, […]