Hampton Court Palace

Light up the Palace at Hampton Court

It was one of the happiest days of my life when I found The Tudors on Netflix. Okay, I also own it on DVD, but there’s something really satisfying about spending a few hours lazing on the sofa, remote control in hand isn’t there? Anyway, I’ve been binge watching it all over again over the last few days and enjoying it excessively – mainly because I’d forgotten how funny it is (there’s some impressive side eye action, especially from Charles Brandon) but also because it’s perfect for this time of year. They love a bit of snow in The Tudors […]

Hampton Court Palace Sleepover – The Midnight Flit

Oh my dears, my DEARS. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it and I’m sorry for that, I really am. I wish I had a really good excuse for staying away for so long, but I’m afraid that I have NOTHING to give you other than a mumbled and rather vague ramble about being ‘busy’ and things being ‘hellish here’ right now. That’s not exactly all in the past BUT I am determined to start afresh and try to post a bit more regularly from now on – despite all the insidious brain weasels. Anyway, last time we talked, I […]

The Glorious Georges at Hampton Court Palace

‘In 1714, King George I arrived in London: an obscure German prince who spoke little English, spectacularly elevated to the British throne. Selected by the British parliament as a Protestant with an illustrious royal lineage, after the successive childlessness of the Stuart monarchs, here was a King who came with a ready-made Prince of Wales in tow. Yet, in a spectacular irony of history, after having waited so long for legitimate male heirs, the new Hanoverian dynasty would present Britain with the opposite problem: almost constant warfare between the monarch and the heir for the next fifty years! This year […]

Packing for a Georgian Sleepover…

Frederick, Prince of Wales and his sisters at Kew Palace, Mercier, 1733. Photo: National Portrait Gallery. There’s just under a month to go until the next Hampton Court Palace sleepover event and I’m already massively over excited about the whole thing and have been thinking about what to take with me. I was pretty unprepared last time to be honest so had a fairly uncomfortable night with just a camping mat between me and the hard wooden floor in the Cartoon Gallery, no pillow and no ear plugs either, which was a really BAD move on my part as there […]

Hampton Court Sleepover – Georgian frolics

Long term readers of this blog may well recall my ENORMOUS over excitement about attending the Elizabethan themed Hampton Court Sleepover last September. It was a night of Tudor dancing, wine, strange sixteenth century food, angry Elizabeth I and all manner of hilarity before we bedded down for the night in the Cartoon Gallery overlooking the stately Fountain Court in the heart of the palace. It was an incredible experience – just sleeping in the palace would have been enough really but to be able to roam around in the dead of night and see the Great Hall and Haunted […]