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From Whitechapel GIN necklace giveaway!

Morning world. Well, the launch week of From Whitechapel is drawing to a close now and I have to say that I am so staggered and touched by the kind reception that it received. You’re all brilliant and I really hope that those of you who bought copies have enjoyed reading it. To say thank you for being so marvellous and to celebrate From Whitechapel‘s publication, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway to mark the occasion. As you probably all know, I am a MASSIVE FAN of Bete Noire’s beautiful jewellery and as the book involves […]

From Whitechapel

There was a pain, a terrible empty, lonely ache of sorrow and loss, within my ribcage while my heart felt like it had turned to ashes. This then was the end of my journey, this then was the answer that I had sought for so long, this then was the secret that Whitechapel had been withholding from me… Alice Redmayne, beautiful daughter of a famous artist, has been haunted since childhood by the mysterious disappearance of her sister Beatrice but when she resolves to discover what happened all those years ago she finds herself enmeshed in the dark secrets of […]

A Very British Murder

I love a good crime drama – don’t you? My husband did Psychology at university and often likes to pretend to analyse my love of crime drama – in fact he often says that I ‘need to watch a good murder in order to keep sane’. Don’t worry, I reminded him that HE was the one who wanted to marry a Ripperologist and one descended from an 1888 H Division copper at that. Clearly, investigating gruesome crime is IN MY BLOOD. Or something. As it often does, it started with Agatha Christie for me as my grandmother had a huge […]

Frances Coles

Today marks the anniversary of the murder of Frances Coles on the 13th of February 1891, which is generally held to be the last in the cycle of grisly crimes against women known as The Whitechapel Murders. At the time of Frances’ murder, two and a half years had passed since the last canonical murder committed by Jack the Ripper so it seems highly unlikely that she was a victim of the same killer. However, this is no reason to ignore her fate or let her be forgotten like so many other women who died violent deaths on the streets […]

Ghosts of Whitechapel

Ah, where would the blogging community be without Halloween and its creepy culinary, cake, cinematic and sartorial delights? We history bloggers can have spooky fun too though! Oh yes. I mean, for many of us, it might as well be Halloween every day as we share tales of historical bloodshed, misery and woe but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a special effort once in a while! Once upon a time, many years ago, I made one of my boyfriends take me to the Ten Bells pub in Whitechapel, which is, of course, well known as the favoured drinking spot […]