Bye for now

16 August 2010

When playwright John Osborne owned The Hurst, he declared that he had the ‘best view in England’. Now part of the Arvon family, The Hurst remains an inspirational place to come and write. Surrounded by Housman’s ‘blue remembered hills’, and featuring three 18th century buildings, thirty acres of sprawling woodland and a spring-fed lake, The Hurst is the perfect place to lose yourself in words.’

I’ll be here for the next week on an Arvon Foundation writing course and as it’s in the depths of Shropshire and designed to make it impossible to do anything other than write and talk about writing, I won’t have any internet access or mobile phone signal until Saturday.

How on earth will I cope?!

Now that I am mere hours away from getting in the car and starting the long drive up to the north, I’m feeling really nervous about going. What if they don’t like the sort of thing that I write? What if I don’t fit in with the other writers? What if I have a moment of revelation that writing isn’t my thing after all?

I’ll be working on short story exercises while I am there, presumably about character development but will also be working on my novel about Isabella de’ Medici and Leonora de’ Toledo while I am there so hopefully will make some progress!

Anyway, bye for now and I’ll look forward to catching up with you all when I get back!

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