Empress Alexandra

3 February 2020

When Queen Victoria’s second daughter Princess Alice married Prince Louis of Hesse and Rhine in 1862, even her own mother described the ceremony as ‘more of a funeral than a wedding’ thank to the fact that it took place shortly after the death of Alice’s beloved father, Prince Albert. Sadly the young Princess’ misfortunes didn’t end there and when she also died prematurely, her four motherless daughters were taken under the wing of their formidable grandmother, Victoria. Alix, the youngest of Alice’s daughters and allegedly one of the most beautiful princesses in Europe, was a special favourite of the elderly Queen, who hoped that she would one day marry her cousin Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and eventually reign beside him as Queen. However, the spirited and stubborn Alix had other ideas…

My study of the fascinating and often complicated relationship of Queen Victoria, her daughter Princess Alice and granddaughter Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia is due to be published by Pen and Sword Books in spring 2020.