Empress Alexandra is out!

30 September 2020

My new book, which takes a look at the fascinating relationship between Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia and her grandmother, Queen Victoria is out now in the UK and elsewhere in Europe! It’s going to be released in the US and elsewhere later on in the year.

There’s already been some lovely reviews posted on Goodreads:

‘This book is a wonderful addition to my understanding of the people behind the facade of royalty, making them so relatable and human. The book is laid out logically and the prose is wonderful.’

‘The author does a superb job depicting this amazing relationship from historical records and letters/correspondence between Queen Victoria and Alix. The author clearly did her research, and what is presented to the reader is an excellent depiction that is appropriately detailed, spaced, and nicely flowing. As a huge fan of Queen Victoria and the Romanovs, this was right up my alley.’

‘This book shows the author’s exhaustive research and attention to detail. Ms. Clegg was very careful to differentiate between all the Victoria’s and other similar names. I really appreciated that aspect of her writing. It was not written in such a dry manner that it turned the casual reader away. This material is accessible to all readers of all interest levels.’

‘Melanie Clegg is the Queen of sweeping royal biographies. With each history she recreates, the reader is left feeling as though they’ve been transported to the world of that particular royal subject. Brilliantly written, ‘Empress Alexandra’ comes across as a historical saga that feels as though you’re reading a work of fiction.’

‘This is lovely book looking deeply at the relationship between Queen Victoria, her daughter Alice and granddaughter Alix, more so than on the eventual fate of The Tsarina. As such, it’s a really sweet and incredibly researched book which I recommend. Seeing aspects of the person behind the historical figures is always interesting and this really shows the love and connectedness that was there.’

‘I absolutely adored this and it will have pride of place on my bookshelf.’

‘This book was extraordinary! It satisfied my love for History, European Royalty and genealogy… This was a delectable book and such a treat beginning to finish.’

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